New contact

{{client.fname}} {{client.lname}}
Ask your clients to pay via MTN Mobile Money or Tigo Cash.
1. Add new clients. Press at the top, left.
2. Select the client. Select the client at the left pane.
3. Request for payment.
a) Add the payment tracking information
a) Use the calculator to determine the amount to pay
b) Fill the details and complete the request.


Amount: {{p.amount}}, from {{}}. {{p.information}}. | Check status

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Add a product

{{calcTotal() | number}} Rwf
Add products to calculate the total amount to pay
{{p.price | number}} x {{p.quantity}} = {{p.price * p.quantity | number}} Rwf
Total amount: {{calcTotal() | number}} Rwf
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Request information

*Amount to pay:
{{newPayment.amount}} RWF
*Paying phone number(Mobile payment):
Payment status:


*Client first name:
*Client last name:
*Client national ID:



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Status: {{newPayment.information}}
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Enter purchase tracking details (Contract title, invoice title or work title)
Select a contact from the left.